NIMDA is the system made for Zee Bawx, to handle the automatic moderation, as well as the custom leaderboard and chat GUI, plus a few other things behind the scenes.



NIMDA automatically punishes for swearing and operates using a 4-strike system. Upon swearing once, you will get 1 strike as well as a warning. Each warning thereafter gives you an additional strike and will kill you then display a message explaining what you did wrong.

Upon recieving your 4th strike, you will be instantly kicked and a hint will appear to display to the server that you were kicked. Any messages containing swearing will not show up in the chat.


NIMDA records every message you chat, even ones that would not normally display in ROBLOX servers. Similar to Anti-Swear system, Anti-Spam also has 4 strikes.

However, after your first strike, your limit of messages before recieving a warning decreases. The first spam warning you recieve will occur after chatting the exact same message 4 times. A message will appear on your screen informing you that you will be immediately kicked if you say the message again and that you have 3 warnings left. Anti-Spam warnings do not kill. Ignoring the warning and chatting the message again will, as mentioned previously, result in a swift kick from the server. If you abide by the warning and do not repeat the message, you can continue along as you please until you spam again. The next 3 actions occur after a message is repeated 3 times rather than 4. Again, warning messages will be displayed. Your last spam message will cause you to be kicked and trigger a hint to let the server know.

Leaderboard & Chat

NIMDA also handles the scripts used in the leaderboard and chat GUIs which give extra customization such as colours based on ranking/friend status and even custom usernames.

The leaderboard displays a username stored in a custom value known as your "ChatName". Any admin can change a player's ChatName easily which will make the name prefix for messages appear as their ChatName and the leaderboard to display it as well.

Admins can also change a variety of things, such as the ID the chat uses to find the proper colours, the membership displayed on the leaderboard and which message a user sees.


NIMDA manages a nifty system used by the admins and moderators to view every action that happened in a server. This includes chats, players entering or joining, players being warned or killed, any actions moderators/admins do any any messages that have appeared.

NIMDA's Death

Everything eventually comes to an end. It's inevitable. Good things and bad things alike, they all will just die out eventually. NIMDA was retired one day, and replaced with the even better rOSe.Frame.